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La bonté verte

"Greening our plates”:
technological solutions to challenges
of our transition to plant-based foods

(Workshop in English)

2.30pm - 3.30pm
Workshop led by Anaïs Guérin
Innovation Engineer at Vitagora

The transition towards plant-based foods presents a compelling answer to issues of individual health, the environment and global food security. However, this transition can be challenging for food businesses.


How can we innovate to meet these challenges? How can we develop innovative technologies to support the food transition?

This workshop will present current and emerging technological responses to plant-based food manufacturing, with presentations by experts and use cases by food manufacturers.


Featuring conferences by:

  • From protein extraction to food matrix, which process for which application?
    Marwa KADI - Project Manager - Protein Aanalysis & Food Applications at Improve

  • The technological challenges of a plant-based diet - Point of view of an ingredients manufacturer.
    Frédéric BOUVIER, Open Innovation Science & Technology Advisor at Roquette

Startups pitchs

  • How can we adress new food uses through innovative processes using micro-algae?
    Hugo VALENTIN - Founder of Edonia 

  • How to meet the technical and functional challenges of egg substitution using marine and terrestrial plant resources ?
    Thomas FELICE, Technical Manager at Algama

  • Plant-based diet: Technology for taste, nutrition and functionality
    Dry4Good, Romaric JENSENN, Co-founder:  

  • Fermentation of co-products: organoleptic and nutritional benefits 
    Fungu’it, Anas ERRIDAOUI, Co-founder

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