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Infants, seniors, or sportspeople:
tools and methodologies for meeting consumers' nutritional wants and needs

(Workshop in English)

4.30pm - 5.30pm
Workshop led by Clara da Silva,
Agri-Food Engineer at Vitagora

Today’s consumers are ever more concerned with the health impact of their diet, and are looking to take control of their nutrition according to their own specific factors: age, lifestyle, state of health, or even their sex.

How can food businesses place their consumers’ needs and wants at the centre of their innovation strategy to gain actionable insights and develop compelling solutions?


This workshop will feature tools and methodologies presented by experts as well as use cases by food professionals.


Featuring conferences by:

  • From public health nutrition research to tailored nutrition counselling tool developmentMatthieu Maillot, CEO of MS-Nutrition 

  • Using research to meet children’s needs
    Marion Lemaire, Nutrition Research Engineer at Sodiaal​

  • Co-construction of personalised and specific nutritional solutions for vulnerable people
    Laure Lesage, Dysphagia Product Manager at Nutrisens 

  • Using rice flour for dysphagia diet
    Kanae Ashida, Principal scientist, Institute of Food Research, NARO

  • Using collagen to meet the needs of active people?
    Naira Adamyan, co-founder at Welldrinks 

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